RUSH: Halperin Ripped Trump To Shreds Over Access Hollywood Tape. “Ya Gotta Be Careful”

RUSH: “Veteran journalist Mark Halperin sexually harassed women while he was in a powerful –” have you noticed, folks, all of these Democrats that do this? Oh, I know, you got a couple of shining examples on the right. But, for crying out loud, look at all of the sexual harassment going on in Hollywood. There’s not a conservative among ’em! You talk about hypocrisy. These are the people that preach to everybody about proper treatment and respect for women while casting them as sluts and whores.

I mean, they preach to everybody. They say they’re great feminists and they’re pro-abortion and they’re big-time supporters of Planned Parenthood. Look at this. Look at the way they treat women. Look at the way they see women. It seems like every day a new round of Democrat-leaning people are outed, led by Harvey Weinstein. I mean, to me, that is one of the most noteworthy things about it, because these are the people that preach.

These are the people that talk about how holier-than-thou they are. They are journalists, and they comment on everybody else’s moral failings as though they have never had any. Anyway, “MSNBC, where Halperin makes frequent appearances on ‘Morning Joe,’ said early Thursday that Halperin would leave his roles at that network and as an analyst at NBC News. ‘We find the story and the allegations very troubling,’ MSNBC said in a statement. ‘Mark Halperin is leaving his role as a contributor until the questions around his past conduct are fully understood.’” Halperin apologized, but the second page didn’t print. The wording of his apology was interesting. I’ll find it.


RUSH: One thing I remember about Mark Halperin. Mark Halperin was one of the biggest moral critics of Donald Trump about that Access Hollywood tape. He was just out there excoriating Trump for this kind of outrageously immature, boorish behavior. These guys gotta be careful. You start ragging on somebody like this and you’ve got your own stuff going on in your past, you’ve got to know, you have to plan on it coming out at some point.


RUSH: Well, he knew last year enough to rip Trump to shreds over the Access Hollywood video, but he only now realizes that his behavior was inappropriate? What was inappropriate about it if he was “pursuing relationships”? But this business (summarized), “I now understand that what I did was horribly, terribly wrong. It was inappropriate, and it caused others pain. I’m deeply sorry, and I apologize.” I don’t know.

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