RUSH: Hacking Of DNC Was To Get Info On Hillary To Use Against Her As President

RUSH: You know what I think the hacking of the DNC computer network was? I think that was to get information to use against her as president. I don’t think they were hacking the DNC to undermine her campaign ’cause I don’t think they even considered for a moment that she would lose. I think they hacked her computer network, the DNC computer — they failed at that with the GOP, but they succeeded — can you imagine what they would have been able to hold over Hillary Clinton with the news that Hillary had cheated against Crazy Bernie?

Can you imagine what the Russians would have been able to do vis-a-vis Hillary with whatever it was they learned in Podesta’s emails? That stuff ends up leaking out anyway. But I think it was collected for use after she became president. So you might say, “Well, then why are they continuing to push this story?” Folks, ’cause they’ve got nothing else. They don’t have anything else to explain why she lost, except that, and that’s important for their voters in 2018 and 2020 to believe that she actually won and had it stolen from her.


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