RUSH: Gun Ownership Is UP Because People Don’t Take The Chance When Democrats Talk Gun Control Laws

RUSH: You know we’ve had the statistic today and yesterday that gun ownership since 1994 is up 56%. Can you think of a couple of reasons why? Give me one, Mr. Snerdley. Why do you think gun ownership is up? I’m thinking of at least one, and maybe two, specific reasons. Well, that’s a specific example of a general case I’m thinking of. Snerdley said, “Well, when Obama started trying to limit the amount of ammo you could buy, that created a run on ammo.”

I submit to you that every time an event like this happens and the left starts caterwauling about gun control, what do you think happens? People don’t take the chance; they don’t trust Washington anymore. They know that at least one political party wants to take their guns away. They know it. The Democrats will not front-and-center admit it, but people know it. So what happens? The Democrats go nuts, start demanding new gun control laws, start alluding to the fact that there’s too many guns.

People are not gonna take the chance. They run out and buy guns to prepare for the day where the Democrats might succeed and limit their sale, every damn time. The Democrats themselves are perhaps the best advertising. The Democrats and their caterwauling, they start ragging on the NRA, and now they’re starting to rag on prayer. When the Democrats start saying prayer isn’t enough and it’s not sincere, like Elizabeth Warren is saying, some of these other Dems, “What are they praying for? What is that doing for anybody? What are they praying for?”

I’m telling, you Democrats that get on that riff, you have no idea what you’re doing. You have no idea who you are insulting. You have no idea. You see, most of the country doesn’t see prayer and religion the way you do. Most people’s religion is not a tree or a policy. Most people’s religion is what you would think a religion is. But it ain’t yours.

Every time you start caterwauling about guns and every time you start demanding that either guns have new restrictions placed on them, new gun laws or worse, all you’re doing is driving people in the hundreds of thousands to the nearest gun store. And they’re stocking up. Decent, good-hearted American people who are buying these things for protection, you are ramping them up.

When you start attacking prayer, when you mock it and you have no idea what people are praying for, what you’re telling us is that you think it’s worthless, that it’s irrelevant, and it’s probably not even real. When you start mocking people who pray, when you start, “What good is prayer after the event? What, are you asking God to stop it? Well, it’s too late.” That’s what Elizabeth Warren said. That’s not what people are praying for, Fauxcahontas. You ever stop to think they might be praying to God for the salvation of the souls of the dead? Or does that concept not connect to you? Anyway, they are the reason gun sales are way up.


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