RUSH: Government Enforced Starvation

RUSH: From Gawker, another related story to global warming.  Guess what?  Everybody admits that if we take the steps that the pro-global warming crowd wants us to take in order to save the planet, we gotta have a carbon tax, which means a tax on energy, which means people are gonna end up having less money. And it also means that everything is going to increase in price, including food. 


If you have a carbon tax, the cost of transporting food, distributing it, farming it, developing it, shipping it, process, everything goes up.  The way the left is dealing with this is to say rising food prices could be great for our health, because it would force the obese to eat less, and eating less would make them healthier. 

“Consider us,” it says here, “the average American consumers: couch-bound, sluggish, overweight, grazing on a steady diet of heavy meats, hormone-laced milk, and refined sugars. An economically required fast is the best thing that could happen to us.” Fast, meaning don’t eat.  This is not something about speed, for those of you in Rio Linda.  An economically required fast, enforced government starvation.  Let me speak it properly.  Government enforced starvation.  Could be exactly what’s called for here.

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