RUSH: GOP Should Put Together Their Own Debates On Their Own Networks

RUSH: You know this whole War on Women thing, remember how that got started. Just to remind you again.  It was in January of last year and it was a Republican debate, ABC was doing it. Stephanopoulos was moderating it and out of the blue he starts asking Romney about contraception.  Contraception wasn’t an issue.  He’s asking Romney if there ought to be contraception, if he would agree that there should be mandated contraception or not, states should do it.  And Romney didn’t know what the hell to say.  It wasn’t an issue, and nobody was talking about it, ever.  And all they had to do was have Romney say — just answer the question “yes” or “no” and they had their built-in War on Women.

Now, I’m convinced that Stephanopoulos was working with the Obama campaign to do that.  There was coordination.  I don’t have any doubt about it.  There would be coordination today in 2014.  There’s going to be coordination in 2016, the primaries.  Why show up and do debates on those networks?  Do them on your own network!  Put together your own debates with your own moderators, whoever you want, and focus on real Republican issues in these debates rather than whether they’re going to do a Hillary Clinton miniseries or not.  That’s just my brief aside.  In this current modern age, there’s no reason anymore to treat these mainstream media people as mainstream objective and non-aligned reporters.  They are aligned.  They are aligned with the Democrat Party.  Their objective is the defeat of whoever the Republican nominee is.  And so their purpose is to discredit and impugn all of them. 

So by the time you have, what, 20 debates, 10 debates, however many Republican primary debates that you do, by the time you finish all of them, every one of those Republican candidates is going to have been savaged, laughed at, discredited, made fun of, whatever, by whatever network is hosting these things.  It makes literally, just in an intelligence sense; it makes no sense to do it.  Put together your own debates on your own networks.  Get your own moderators, whoever.  And no, this is not a push.  I don’t even want to do it, folks.  I don’t like interviewing people.  This is not at all a push for me to be involved.  I have no desire to do it.   I’m just talking about being smart.

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