RUSH: GOP Should Not Be Seen As Part Owners Of ObamaCare

RUSH; The 2010 midterms were all about Obamacare.  And massive numbers of America showing up to polls to vote against it and the debt that Obama was piling up, called the Tea Party.  So there is this at the same that the Republicans have in this posture that they occupy that the Democrats propose something — in this case, Obama — who they think is universally loved.  And they think he’s universally respected because of his race and they feel it’s not worth opposing him because of his race.  So here’s this plan, it’s an absolute mess, it’s a total failure, and the worst thing the Republicans could do right now is be working in a way that would help fix this.  The Republican Party should not be seen as part owners of this. 

I don’t think the Republican Party should do anything to salvage this.  I don’t think there’s anything in it for them to be seen as working with the Democrats to make this work, nothing electorally, just like being for amnesty and immigration reform is not going to help them.  But they believe it is, do they not?  Why is that?  Because I think they feel defensive, shell-shocked, PTSD, what have you.  What the Republicans need to be doing is taking advantage of all this chaos.  It’s unconstitutional.  What’s happening here is not happening according to the law.  The Republicans ought to be working to scrap this.  They ought to be working to repeal this.  That’s what a majority of the American people want.

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Rush Limbaugh Reacts To Obama’s ‘ObamaCare Fix’

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