RUSH: GOP Is Perfectly Fine With Big Government As Long As They Run It

RUSH: All this time we’ve been told the Republican Party was dead  unless it came out for amnesty, right?  Now not only has it “fizzled” as a Democrat issue, amnesty and immigration, now — oh, no! — it’s possibly a huge advantage for the Republicans.  Oh, my God, how did this happen?  Well, it never was the slam-dunk issue for the Democrats, and it never was something the Republicans had to make a dramatic change on in order to stay relevant. 

Well, look, I don’t mean to be redundant, folks. I just happen to think this is profound.  I happen to think that what has been illuminated here is once again the gigantic manipulative trick.  The only thing that remains a little bit of a puzzle to me is how the Republicans keep falling for this stuff.  I don’t think that they’re that stupid, so I don’t know that it’s accurate to say they’re falling for it. 

I think there are a number of them who already agree with the Democrats and want amnesty and immigration — and not for the viability of the Republican Party, but rather for money.  We also know that there is a sizable contingent of the inside-the-Beltway Republican Party that’s perfectly fine with Big Government, as long as they run it.  

We also know that there is a sizable contingent of inside-the-Beltway so-called conservative media who also believe that the time for Big Government has arrived, because the American people keep voting for it. They say, “It’s time that we face the music.  The idea of a limited government, smaller government is passe. 

“The American people don’t want it.  We’ve got to stand the right side of the American people. So what we have to do,” goes the theory, “is we have to show that we’re better and smarter at running a Big Government and making it more efficient and less intrusive.  But the people want a Big Government, providing endless amounts of services and so forth.”

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