RUSH: GOP Establishment Live In A ‘Dream World’; Bipartisan Tactic Doesn’t Work

RUSH: Do these people in the Republican Party in the Northeast who keep talking about being able to cross the aisle and work with Democrats and be bipartisan, do they not understand they’re losing doing this?  Do they not understand the tactic isn’t working?”  I’m being serious with the question.  Since 2000… Well, even prior, but in 2008, McCain — well, hell, even 2000 McCain – said, “I can cross the aisle. I can work with the other side.” 

We’re obsessed.  These Republican establishment types are obsessed.  They still live in this dream world where they think parliament who are the deciding factors in presidential elections believe in this bipartisan working together, and every time we nominate a candidate who lays claim to being able to do it, they get skunked.  Isn’t the evidence clear the tactic doesn’t work?  So why keep going for it when the tactic doesn’t work?

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