RUSH: Fox News As You Know It Has A ‘LIFE SPAN’; In The Process Of Being ‘MODIFIED’

RUSH: If my logical progressive thinking based on tidbits that I learned is true, then Fox News as you know it has a life span, and it is I think already in the process of being modified and transformed. Very, very gradually, but it is going to happen. I feel like I ought to launch on this and there’s a part of me that says don’t do it yet. So I’m just gonna wait.

But as to the sexual harassment stuff, there’s so much more going on with this than people know. It’s like anything else, folks. It’s in the media, you have to bank on the fact that there’s a whole lot that’s not being reported and a whole lot that’s being misreported for a reason, for a purpose. Like, I have my own theories about this. The problem is, if I announce them to you and if I’m right, well, then, I’ve got attention that I don’t really want. So we’ll just watch it all unfold. But this is still a good question. When all of these allegations happen, it seems like they’re automatically believed and accepted, and they’re only happening at one place.

Now, nobody’s saying that. When you turn on CNN, nobody’s raising that point. They just talk about it as though it’s quite natural and normal that this kind of illicit behavior would be happening at Fox News and nowhere else. But that alone raises, or should raise, some questions about what really is going on here. And what I mean by that, even if there is some shall we say less-than-aboveboard behavior going on, how is that being utilized to transform Fox away from what it is? Which, in other words, means, maybe this isn’t all that unpleasant for the powers that be. Maybe it’s an assistant in helping them transform away from what it is into what they want it to become. Is that intriguing enough?



RUSH: Fox News Being Only Network With Sexual Harassment Problems ‘Doesn’t Pass The SMELL TEST’

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