RUSH: Focus On Trump And The Russians Is For Washington Establishment To Protect ALL Of The Clintons

RUSH: This was on Fox & Friends today. Steve Doocy, before he caught the plane to come to Florida, was talking to J. Christian Adams, public interest legal foundation. He said, “What do you think of the possibility that the FBI, under new management, might actually go back and say, look at Hillary’s email investigation, the immunity, her lieutenants, and maybe look at all that all over again?”

ADAMS: I think there’s next to zero chance of that happening. That’s in the past. You know, if Hillary’s gonna be prosecuted, it should have been chugging along the tracks already. But, remember, James Comey read us a word into the statute that didn’t exist, namely that they had to prove she intended to hurt national security, that Loretta Lynch wasn’t gonna go forward with that case because of an imaginary law. Look, immunity deals? These folks who got immunity deals, it’s very hard to end an immunity deal.

RUSH: Well, that’s it. Well, it is hard to end an immunity deal unless you do something that violates the immunity deal. He’s probably right, but there nevertheless, there are still people in the FBI, I mean, this is somebody spoke to Catherine Herridge — and by name, not an anonymous source — who said you get somebody else in there… ‘Cause a lot of people think that Comey was covering or shielding or protecting the Clintons. By the way, both Strassel and Henninger (Strassel for sure) harp on what an outrage it was for Bill Clinton to communicate with Loretta Lynch on that airplane on the tarmac in Phoenix and for nothing to happen.

You talk about tampering, witness tampering, any number of other things, and for nothing to happen there? I still say that the real crimes in all of this were papered over and ignored, and that’s Hillary and her server. Look again, folks: We wouldn’t even be here if that woman hadn’t been so arrogant and condescending to think she could set up her own network and have her own private network dealing in classified data that she didn’t have to make part of the government network or system.

The continuing arrogance and attitude the Clintons have that were above the law, that’s why we’re all here. And the purpose of all of this… Well, there are many purposes to it. But one of the purposes of continuing to focus on Trump and the Russians is for the establishment in Washington to circle its wagons and protect one of its own: Hillary and, of course, all of the Clintons. No doubt in my mind.


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