RUSH: ‘Flat-Out Journalistic Malpractice’ On Shutdown Politics


RUSH: Much as you might wish it weren’t so, AP is published in over 4,000 or 5,000 different places every day, and it’s basically a press release from the Democrat Party on this whole thing. They have a story by a guy named Andrew Taylor, and it starts out, “With the government teetering on the brink of partial shutdown, congressional Republicans vowed Sunday to keep using an otherwise routine federal funding bill to try to attack the president’s health care law.”

So the opening line reports we’re “teetering on the brink.” Why, we’re almost ready to go over the cliff! Did you know that? We’re almost ready to fall over! This whole government is about to be brought up short because these Republicans… This story goes on to say that Republicans don’t want people to have health care, that they dislike the president so much that they don’t want people to have health care. And the Republicans don’t know what to do to fight back against any of this.

It’s just flat-out journalistic malpractice. There is no pretense of objectivity, here, to portray the Republican position on this anywhere near accurately. It is a multiple hundred word hit piece. You won’t read the kind of stuff from the AP about the Iranians or the Syrians that you read about the Republicans in the Associated Press or anywhere in the Drive-By Media. It really is an outrage. It’s gonna be seen countless impressions all over the place.

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