RUSH: First African American President Has, Sadly, Resorted To Exacerbating Racial Tensions

RUSH: Barack Obama, as the first black president of this country, had an opportunity to heal this country like no other president before him ever had.  Barack Obama could have, in these past five years, done more to promote racial harmony than any other president, and he has done just the exact opposite. That’s because, as an Alinskyite, that’s all he knows. 

He is not a unifier, and he is not a leader in that sense.  So the first African-American president has, sadly, resorted to exacerbating racial tension.  And he’s got an attorney general who is helping him.  The first time was not yesterday. It was blowing off the New Black Panther case, and then openly saying the Justice Department is not gonna be used anymore to prosecute “my people,” or “our people,” or whatever it was he said.

Everybody understood what he meant.  

So we’ve been set back.

It’s gonna take even more time now just to make up the ground that we’ve lost in the last five years.

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