RUSH: ‘FEMINISM’ Has Let Women Down On Every Incident Involving Bill Clinton

RUSH: Bill Cosby is gonna stand trial.  What did he do?  Cosby was doing all this back in the nineties when Clinton was.  Here’s coming along and saying (summarized), “You media people, you gotta stop Trump from going there! We can’t go back to the nineties. What Bill Clinton did with his penis is nobody’s business in 2016.  We gotta broom it and get a…”  But Bill Cosby, that’s all we’re concerned about.  We’re gonna take the guy to trial.

We’re gonna try to get a guilty verdict. We’re gonna put all the Cosby women on the stand. I think… Who’s done it? Is it TIME magazine? Somebody. New York Magazine. It’s got all the Cosby women on the cover.  Bill Cosby, he’s not even running for president.  Fifty-eight women have alleged that Cosby sexually harassed them — or worse, whatever, doped ’em, gave ’em the date rape drug and had at it — and so all those women’s pictures are on the cover of New York Magazine.  But with Bill Clinton, here comes (summarized): “You’d better leave that alone, you Drive-By Media people! You better not go there.  That’s old! That’s irrelevant!”

Why is it relevant for Bill Cosby?  Why does it matter what Bill Cosby did and to whom if it doesn’t matter about Clinton?  Cosby never ran for office.  Cosby never wanted to be president.  Plus… Well, never mind.  What does it matter?  Why do they want to take down Bill Cosby?  Well, the answer is very obvious.  Feminism to the rescue here.  But, you know, feminism has let women down every incident involving Bill Clinton.  Feminism has not been there.  Feminism has not been defending the women involved with Bill Clinton.  In fact, feminism has joined with Hillary Clinton trying to destroy those women.

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