RUSH: Federal Judge Orrick Had To ‘INVENT A VIOLATION’ To Make Trump Look Like A Tyrannical Dictator

RUSH: Here, ladies and gentlemen, is what the media want you to believe about Trump’s executive order. They want you to believe that Trump decided on his own to take money away from cities that are sanctuary cities. They want you to think that Trump issued an executive order that will allow him and his emissaries to simply stop sending federal money to San Francisco, to New York, to Santa Clara. The media wants you to think that this is something brand-new.

They want you to think that Trump is behaving like a tyrannical dictator because he hates Mexicans and he hates immigrants and this is the way he’s gonna punish people who are only behaving in compassionate way and trying to help the downtrodden. And this mean-spirited SOB Trump, he’s just gonna go in there and he’s gonna take money away from these cities and everybody’s gonna starve and it’s gonna be horrible! And then they want you to believe that a brilliant federal judge spotted this and laid down the law and told this tyrant Trump, “You can’t do that!

“I, Judge William Orrick, am not gonna let you be a dictator. I’m not gonna let you be a tyrant. I’m not gonna let you take money from San Francisco. You can’t do it because I said so.” And they want to give the judge an award. None of that has happened. Not a shred of what that narrative is has happened. Trump created an executive order which explicitly says they are going to start enforcing existing law. There is already, ladies and gentlemen, existing law saying that under certain circumstances the federal government may withhold funds.

Under U.S. Code Title VIII, I think. It doesn’t matter what it is. But they can withhold federal funds to sanctuary cities if this cities violate certain aspects of federal law. And all the executive order did is just say (paraphrased), “Hey! We’re gonna start enforcing this.” That’s all that’s happened here. There has been no violation. The Trump administration has not written new law. The Trump administration has not taken a dime away from any sanctuary city. The Trump administration has not yet mobilized to do so. But the judge… Because the objective here is the resistance to Trump, the treatment of Trump as illegitimate and inauthentic.

“He has no authority. He’s an illegitimate president because we don’t like the election outcome. We don’t think it was legitimate, and Trump may be insane!” All of these are factors in these judges essentially saying that Trump cannot take the oath was office. “We can’t believe that he meant it because he lies so much, because he’s so extreme, because he’s so ridiculous. So, yeah, Trump took the oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution. But we Obama-appointed judges, simply don’t accept that.

“Because we think Trump’s a lunatic and doesn’t know what he’s swearing to.” This is, to a degree, what’s really happening here. So in order for the judge to be able to grandstand and make himself a great big hero to the left, he had to create a violation. I am not exaggerating. I am not playing with words. The judge had to invent a violation of the law in order to issue this executive order in such a way that docile, servitude media people could report that the tyrant has once again been stood up to and stopped.

And what is the violation? Well, it’s very simple. The judge theorizes, the judge imagines in his opinion in his ruling, that because San Francisco and Santa Clara — these are two cities mentioned in the suit. They’re in the jurisdiction. And Judge Orrick lives in San Francisco. So he theorizes that because San Francisco and Santa Clara get a lot of federal money, that Trump’s executive order is causing them “preenforcement anxiety.”

In other words, the violation that has occurred here is that Trump’s threat to walk into town and take money away from these cities is making them nervous, and it’s creating something called preenforcement anxiety. And by virtue of calling it preenforcement, the judge is admitting that nothing has happened! So now we’ve got a new disease. We have a new mental disorder: Preenforcement anxiety. Preenforcement anxiety is the nervousness and the fear that cities feel when they think that the federal government might deny them federal money.

And it makes anything they do to make themselves not feel fear and anxiety entirely justified. Trump is not allowed to make them feel feared and anxious. Trump is not permitted to do or say anything that might make them feel uncomfortable. That’s the violation. There isn’t a violation. The judge says — because Trump is proposing such Draconian measures in this executive order — that the people in these communities are feeling unnecessary anxiety and fear, preenforcement, and therefore Trump should be shut down.


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