RUSH: ‘FAKE NEWS’ Being Led By Obama, Hillary And New York Times

RUSH: Folks, did you see the Electoral College vote yesterday?  This is tomorrow.  We’re pretending it’s tomorrow.  You see the Electoral College vote?  Yeah, Trump won it 305, 304, whatever it is, Hillary got her  232.  You remember the last three weeks when you were led to believe that it was in doubt, that there might be massive defections because there were all kinds of Trump electors upset over the Russians hacking the election and might have voted against Trump?

Didn’t happen, did it?  We have just gone through three weeks of fake news here.  We have been immersed in it, and we are the objects of the fake news.  And the fake news has been led by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the New York Times.  Those are the architects, those are the authors of this three-week-long fake news story.


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