RUSH: Fact That Sally Boynton Brown Is Still A Candidate Is Great News

RUSH: Sally Boynton Brown running for chairmanship of the Democrat National Committee. When I hear stuff like… This is why I tell everybody, “Don’t be afraid. Don’t let these protests and riots get to you.” I mean, they literally are trying to take the system down. There’s no question they’re trying to do that. But don’t let ’em get you. Don’t let them convince you that what you voted for was right. Don’t let them convince you that if you could do it again, you would do it differently. Don’t let them convince you that a majority of Americans are unhappy with the way things are going.

Don’t let ’em convince you of anything. In fact, if you can, laugh at ’em. Some of them are very violent and dangerous, I understand. But when you listen to things like this, this is why you really shouldn’t be afraid. You should, in fact, be comforted. This is a woman seeking the chairmanship of the Democrat National Committee. This was Saturday afternoon in Baltimore at the Candidates Forum for Democrat National Committee.

We have Sally Boynton Brown, who, in her first go at this, assured everybody — she promised everybody in the DNC — that she would make sure that white people had no more to say, that white people were through talking, that they weren’t gonna be listening to white people at the DNC anymore. The fact that she’s back — the fact that she was not sent packing, the fact that she’s still a candidate — is great news for us and quite telling.


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