RUSH: Fact That Obama Didn’t Meet With Sebelius Proves That He ‘REALLY DOESN’T CARE’

RUSH: That’s the objective, and what’s happening now, he doesn’t care. That’s why he didn’t meet with Sebelius. He doesn’t care. He never has cared about the minutia, the detail. It’s not because he’s above it or it’s beneath him. It’s just there are things he’d rather do. He’s not worried it’s gonna be repealed, and if every does really get worried it’s gonna be repealed he’ll do something to try to stop there.

He might have some concerns about that now, but he doesn’t care about all of these little details. They’re beneath him. Why talk to Sebelius? Look, if he cared, it’s real simple. It’s his “signature issue.” You think about this in terms of it being you. You have this one thing. You care about this more than anything in the world. I don’t know about any of you people that run your own businesses, but the things that really matter, you don’t farm it out, particularly in the early days.

You shepherd it. Your passion is what drives it. You are aware of every potential flaw and every real flaw, so you can you fix it, because you’ve put your life into it. That’s not him. This is a theoretical dream. This is a socialist, Marxist dream. It is what it is. How you get there and all that? That’s for other minions to worry about. Why don’t meet with Sebelius? He doesn’t care. I think the fact that he didn’t meet with her is the only evidence anybody needs that he really doesn’t care in a compassionate sense about people.

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