RUSH: Everywhere You Look On The Trump Dossier You See Thousands Of Democrat Fingerprints

RUSH: Drudge had a flashback on his page about how the media nearly went hysterical over Donald Trump Jr.’s willingness to accept Russian dirt on Hillary. Remember that now vaunted meeting which turns out to have been nothing more than a Russian agent trying to influence legislation on adoption. There wasn’t any dirt passed on Hillary that was attempting, the way the meeting was set up, and of course Donald Trump Jr., “I’ll be happy to listen to that.” The media went nuts. They went hysterical trying to prove Donald Trump Jr. was colluding and this proves his dad was colluding, and nothing ever came of that.

But they’re ignoring all of this. Because everywhere you look on this Trump dossier you see thousands of Democrat fingerprints, from the Obama administration to the CIA to the FBI to the director of national security intelligence, to the law firm that was hired as the cutout. This is a full-fledged, 1,000 percent Democrat Party operation. This is community organizing on parade.

The difference here is that the lies that were made up and published then became passed off as legitimate intelligence, as far as the American people were concerned. Legitimate intelligence that they’ve been for a year trying to convince everybody that Donald Trump is illegitimately reelected, that he cheated, that he undermined the American democrat process. That he colluded with those sleazebag Russians to undermine the duly deserving Hillary Rodham Clinton. When in fact the undermining and the corrupting and the dirt and the sleaze is all originating and contained within the boundaries of the Democrat Party and their willing accomplices in the Drive-By Media.


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