RUSH: ESPN Is Turning Fantasy Football Into The Dating Game

RUSH: I’m reading now from the piece. This is a woman writing the story, Michelle Castillo at Adweek. 

“It’s especially degrading considering that ESPN’s main Fantasy Football site has a series of introductory videos to help people learn the game, but has employed the talents of one of its top Fantasy Football analysts, Matthew Berry. While he can create a Fantasy Football-for-dummies primer for the main audience, it seems ESPN believes that neither he nor any of its staff know how to speak to women, who apparently only comprehend things when it relates to finding a potential mate.”

Now.  So essentially, folks, what ESPN is doing here, in order to spread the game to the female demographic, is they’re turning fantasy football into The Dating Game.  It’s not fantasy football; it’s fantasy football dating.  And, as I say, LeSean McCoy and Calvin Johnson, “You don’t want to just date those guys, you want to marry ’em,” meaning you’d really like ’em on your team, and that’s how they’re choosing to do it. 

Now, I thought the way I explained fantasy football yesterday and just now was perfectly understandable.  Now, remember: This is from the sensitive left who are very, very, very aware of women. They’re not part of the War on Women like us conservative Republicans are conducting. No way! So they have to insult them and their intelligence and assume there’s no way they could be attracted to fantasy football unless they can fantasize and pretend about marrying or dating, or rejecting.

They need a fourth category: “Husband who would abuse you if you married him and you would turn him in.”

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ESPN Thinks Women Need ‘Relationship-Based Rankings’ To Grasp Fantasy Football

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