RUSH: Entirely Possible Democrats MADE UP Entire Narrative That Trump And Russians Hacked Election

RUSH: So I think now that so many things have unfolded here, and I’m gonna try to unpack this in some chronological, sensible manner today, you know, this foundation for this narrative that the election was stolen, that the election was hacked, that the Russians worked with Trump to affect the outcome of the election, isn’t it fascinating now that after Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping him, that now all these people are saying, “Well, well, well, what do you mean? There’s no evidence of that! You can’t say that. Where are you getting that? There isn’t any investigation like that.”

So what Trump has forced these people to do is essentially withdraw their narrative. They’re out there now claiming that Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about, that there isn’t any kind of investigation like this, essentially. Not using those exact words. In order to defend Obama, they’re saying Trump’s crazy. “What investigation are you talking about? There was no wiretapping of Trump.” Oh, there wasn’t? There wasn’t any wiretap? Well, then how do we know what Trump said on the phone calls he made to these presidents? How do we know all this stuff the media has treated us to about collusion?

What about all these leaks from the deep state that contain detail, everything you want to know except the source identity? If there’s no investigation, if there wasn’t any way Obama could have tapped Trump Tower because no such thing was going on, then how does any of this other stuff happen? It’s entirely possible and I must confess that I have thought this.

I haven’t articulated this, either, because I didn’t have anything to back it up other than my own thinking. But it is entirely possible that the Democrats made up this entire thing about the Russians and Trump working together to affect the outcome of the election in order to create the investigation that they are now denying is happening.

I think that they expected to win. They thought that Hillary was gonna win this in a landslide. And when Hillary lost, I think they had a Plan B but nobody really took it seriously because Plan B was predicated on Trump winning, so didn’t give it a lot of credence. But the moment, the moment the election was over, this meme that Trump had been working with the Russians had been filtering throughout the campaign, there had been allegations here, allegations there because of the WikiLeaks dump of the Podesta emails, and they were trying to tie Trump to that. But when Trump won the election here came the full-fledged narrative that Trump’s election was fraudulent and unjust because he’d worked with the Russians to hack the election.


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