RUSH: Elizabeth Warren Is An ABJECT RADICAL… She Isn’t A ROCK STAR

RUSH: But this is a classic example.  Does anybody think Elizabeth Warren’s hip?  Elizabeth Warren’s cool?  So what is it?  What is it about what Elizabeth Warren says or stands for that somehow bonds with people that would read People magazine?  Here she’s described as Wall Street’s scared to death of her.  Is that why people like her?  Is it because she’s out there saying, “You didn’t build that?” 

Is it because she’s making little people feel powerful?  By little people, I mean the people that wander around thinking their lives have no meaning, and you know who they are.  That’s the kind of people this entertainment media is designed to feed.  (interruption) Oh, the radicals do.  But would you associate People magazine with a radical group, is my point.  People magazine is not political.  That’s my point.  This is how clever the left has been. 

They take a radical, I mean, a genuine radical political person, and they plug her into this entertainment genre and make her appear normal and like a celebrity.  They never tell everybody she’s a liberal. They never point out Democrat Party politics or whatever.  They just paint Elizabeth Warren as normal, the future.  And this is how.  Whereas, when conservatives think that they’ve gotta get their teeth into the entertainment media, the first thing they think they have to do is identify themselves as a conservative comedian or we are a conservative entertainment magazine. 

People doesn’t say, “Hey, we are the left-wing entertainment media.”  They never admit to being liberal.  They never identify themselves as left wing.  They just portray themselves as what is.  They’re cool.  They’re hip.  They’re modern.  They are just normal.  And Elizabeth Warren is an abject radical.  She is as radical as anybody in the Democrat Party.  And she would rank at the top of that list of radicals.  But here’s People magazine humanizing her, normalizing here.  And you could probably find in the same issue, I don’t know, but you could probably find an example of some conservative jokes that somebody’s telling or some slam on conservatives or Republicans or what have you. 

This is an element of the media that the Republican Party, conservative, quote, unquote, movement just has no presence in whatsoever.  See, Elizabeth Warren isn’t a rock star.  They’re trying to make her one, is what’s happening.  And, interesting, People magazine is Time Warner.  And that means that somebody at People or Time Warner may have thrown in with Elizabeth Warren over Hillary.  You have to know how to read this stuff. 

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