RUSH: Elijah Cummings Was Faking His Outrage To Make The Story About Issa

RUSH: Anyway, folks, here’s the truth, for what it’s worth.  Elijah Cummings was faking it for the cameras and for the media, to generate and produce the exact reaction Wolf Blitzer gave him. 

Elijah Cummings was faking his anger, faking his outrage to make the story of the hearings about Issa and not Lois Lerner.  The objective was to make this all about the mean, intransigent Republicans and to take the focus off the fact that Lois Lerner didn’t have the guts to answer any questions about what she did regarding the IRS.  Lois Lerner is up there stonewalling and trying to keep everybody from learning what she and her underlings did.

Elijah Cummings’ purpose was to take the spotlight off her and transfer it to these mean, evil Republicans. He’d use the War on Women meme if he could.  He was, no doubt, coached to do that.  The only question is whether he needed to be coached, or whether his instincts as a liberal enabled him to do it without being coached.  The whole point of his behavior — faking outrage, making an opening statement when he knows that period is closed, and then saying, “I have a question! I have a question!”

And then not asking one?

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