RUSH: Duck Dynasty Goose Is Cooked At A&E

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, as you are undoubtedly aware by now, the A&E network, which stands for Arts & Entertainment, has put the patriarch of Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, on indefinite hiatus.  I think they’ve essentially fired the guy, and in the process, they have thrown away the largest audience on cable television.  They’ve just thrown it away.  They’ve thrown away all that advertising.  I want to get into that aspect of this as it relates to what a free market is in a moment.

But first, it is obvious that Robertson’s goose is cooked.  The Duck Dynasty goose is cooked at A&E.  I don’t know how long it’ll be, but some other network will pick up this show.  Some other network at some point will pick up this program.  Look, strictly in terms of numbers, the gay population, which supposedly is offended here, is max 2%.  The Christian population is 250 million people.  So the market is going to reflect that at some point in regards to this program.

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