RUSH: Drive-By Media Says, “Rush Limbaugh Injects Race Into Oklahoma Shooting”

RUSH: Let’s go to the race Stack. Let’s just get to it, because all over the Drive-By Media today, you will see headlines that say something along the lines of: “Rush Limbaugh Injects Race Into Oklahoma Shooting.” I kid you not. Folks, it is mind numbing, the denial these people are in. In the Zimmerman-Martin case you had Barack Obama himself injecting race into it. There was no racial component. The racial component had to be manufactured all because there was a black victim. When the victim is black, it’s gonna be racism no matter what unless the perpetrator is black. Then it’s gonna be ignored. But they had to even add the descriptive term “white” to Zimmerman’s “Hispanic” in order to create a racial incident, when there wasn’t any. The whole Trayvon Martin-Zimmerman, there was no racial aspect to it, other than the one the left manufactured for the purposes of advancing its agenda.

Here you have two black perps, wannabes in the Crips or the Bloods or what have you, targeting a white guy because they were bored. Their getaway driver happened to be white, a little bit of a mitigating factor, it is said.  The Reverend Jackson issued a statement yesterday that said he “frowned” on the incident.  So you have headlines out there, “Rush Limbaugh Injects Race.”  Well, one of the three teenagers charged in the thrill kill of an Australian college student in Oklahoma last week has previously posted racist tweets on his Twitter account.

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