RUSH: Drive-By Media Meme; ‘United States At Fault For Boston Bombing’

RUSH: They’re doing it because we are provoking ’em. They’re doing it because we’re all over the world where they are, and we’re trying to force things on ’em they don’t like, and if we stop doing that, they wouldn’t be doing much more of this.  And, by the way, this meme is now all over the Drive-By Media.  It didn’t take long.  It’s the fault of the United States for what happened in Boston. 


RUSH:  So the meme is we did it, the United States.  We are responsible. Michael Scheuer, who… I’ll refrain, but to me, no credibility there whatsoever, There’s a bias. There’s an agenda, but it’s our fault.  Islam’s got nothing to do with this.  The Koran has nothing to do with this.  Sharia has nothing to do with this.  The fact that we’re infidels, nothing at all to do with this.  In fact, do you know that radical Islamists, the jihadists, are attacking people all over the world because of the United States foreign policy?  Well, wouldn’t that have to be?

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