RUSH: Don’t Tell Me That The CIA Isn’t POLITICIZED

RUSH: My understanding, my theory is that, quote, unquote, intelligence people who, by definition, are unknown and work in secret can undermine anybody if they set their mind to it.  They can promote anybody.  They can make anybody they want look good.  They can undermine.  They can lie to a president.  “Mr. Limbaugh, I can’t believe you’re saying that.  These are some of the most patriotic people.”  I know.  I totally get it.  But don’t tell me that the CIA isn’t politicized when everything the hell else is, particularly with this administration.

Shortly after an election where a major upset happens and the Democrat Party cannot yet come to grips with it, we have two newspapers, the Wash Post, the New York Times, we have the Watergate reporters, Woodward and Bernstein, and we’ve got leaks from unknown people in the intelligence age that the Russians hacked and the Democrats have been pushing this narrative since the summer.  The Russians were out there hacking ever since Podesta’s emails ended up at WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks said the Russians are not the source.  John Bolton is out there saying, you know what, these things could all be coming under a false flag.  Bolton, who Trump really likes, by the way, I understand, Bolton is thinking that, hey, we can’t rule out that all of this is coming from the Obama administration.  We can’t rule out that this is a false flag.  In other words, “Investigators claim that they have found Russian fingerprints in the DNC computers.”  Really?  Why would the Russians leave evidence?

If the Russians go phishing in their hacking why leave evidence?  Doesn’t it make sense that if you find Russian fingerprints as evidence of a hack, that it’s not the Russians?  Or, are you deranged and a leftist, you think, no, the Russians did it, and they want us to know they did it.  They’re taunting us.  Putin hates us.  People will twist themselves into all sorts of positions to have what their biases are confirmed.


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