RUSH: Don’t Preach To Me About Guns, Gays, And Domestic Violence During An NFL Game

RUSH: At any rate, now, CBS, folks, they may have scored big ratings, I don’t know, with this pregame focus on domestic abuse and violence.  But I’m tuning out of it.  This is not why I watch football.  I have no desire.  This is not why most people watch football, is to be preached to by another branch of the media who are trying to move a feminist and politically correct liberal agenda forward.  I have no desire to subject myself to it.  I don’t need a lecture on domestic violence.  Not during a game.  There are other venues for that. 

Of course I’m against wife beating.  I’m also against mixing social issues with broadcast of sporting events, too.  But that line has been blurred now. Remember the days, folks, when it was said by people in the NFL that I was not welcome, that the NFL doesn’t want political people.  And the NFL does not want divisive people.  We can’t have people who are divisive in the NFL.  And now look.  What is the NFL?  It’s become nothing more than the latest extension of the Democrat Party leftist agenda. 

“Sixteen Female Senators Push NFL on Violence — Sixteen female Senators signed a letter Thursday urging NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to institute a zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence.  They said they are ‘shocked and disgusted’ by the video” of Ray Rice.  They wrote in the letter: “Tragically, this is not the only case of an NFL player allegedly assaulting a woman even within the last year.”

They don’t want any second chances.  The letter says, “If you violently assault a woman, you shouldn’t get a second chance to play football in the NFL.”  And Richard Blumenthal, a Senator from Connecticut, he wants a full-fledged investigation of this, US Senate investigation of this.  Sorry, this is not why I watch football.  This is going to be the death of this sport.  It is no longer an escape.  It’s no longer about great athletes.  It’s no longer about amazing athletic achievement and drama. 

It’s now become about guns and gays and domestic violence.  These are the topics that we are all going to be lectured on all season long.  A press conference for a practice squad signee in Dallas because he’s gay?  The never-ending refrain on the Washington Redskins name, and now this?  Guns, gays, domestic violence, these are topics that I frankly don’t be need to be preached to about.  I don’t need to be lectured, and I certainly don’t want to turn on a football game and end up being accused of all kinds of social misbehavior. 

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RUSH: Media Delivers ‘National Lecture On Domestic Violence’

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