RUSH: Donald Trump Is DISMANTLING, Brick By Brick, The Mansion That Is American Liberalism

RUSH: I better not say this too loud, and I don’t want anybody to repeat me, okay? I don’t want you telling a soul what I’m gonna tell you next. Donald Trump every day is dismantling — brick by brick, doorjamb by doorjamb — the mansion that is American liberalism.

Every day a little bit of that mansion gets chipped away, and it is strategic. It is being done on purpose from deep in the bowels of the White House, behind the scenes where nobody can see it. Everybody’s distracted by Trump and his tweets. But much of Obama’s administration agenda is being erased and reversed. Donald Trump is fighting a strategic, daily, ongoing war and battle against the American left. I don’t care whether he thinks that he’s taking out liberalism or whatever. In his mind, he’s restoring greatness to America, and whoever’s in the way is who’s in the way, and they’re gonna get taken care of.

If they’re liberal Democrats in his mind, I don’t know. Doesn’t matter to me. He’s out to make America great. I think his ideological education is expanding. All during this year the Republicans (sobbing), “Oh, these tweets! Oh, my God! He’s embarrassing us! Why all…? My God, he’s so embarrassing — and he grabbed her what? Oh, no! I can’t believe it! We’re gonna vote for him? Awwww no!” They’re going through all this. But through it all, Trump triumphs. Through it all, at the end of every day, Donald Trump is still the focus of virtual everybody in the world of politics and most of the people in the country. Every day.


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