RUSH: Do We Really Want NFL Referees Becoming The Speech Police?

RUSH:  Now, don’t anybody misunderstand.  I am not saying that the use of the N-word is not a big deal.  Don’t misunderstand.  I’m not for racism or any of that.  But do we really want the referees in an NFL game to be the speech police next?  Normally, they though a flag, the referee keys the mic, “Holding, offense, number 55, still second down, five-yard penalty.”  Can you imagine, flag flies, ref keys the mic, “N-word, number 75, offense, 15-yard penalty, still first down.” 

Or how about, the ref throws the flag after a big gainer.  Team, 55 yard pass play, first down, massive bomb, great play, throws the flag, keys the mic, “Abusive language, number 75, offense, insulted the mother of number 65, defense, 15 yards from the point of the slur.”  And they mark wherever the insult happened, and they mark 15 yards off. 
You, I don’t know, folks.  I think these well-intentioned types who just want to police everything — a football game is a highly charged emotional situation.  Well, I’m being generous in saying they’re well-intentioned.  Snerdley said, “How do we know they’re well-intentioned?  How do we know that those leftists are well-intentioned?”  Maybe they’re not.  I’m just trying to be understanding and open-minded about it.

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