Rush: DNC In Chaos, There Is No Speech That Can Recover From Sounds Of Democrats Booing God

RUSH: This convention is in chaos, if you want to know the truth. Their platform is in chaos. Here is the sentence that sent this convention over the edge. The platform calls for a government that, quote, “gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.” That’s what it was all about.

It wasn’t even devotion to God. It wasn’t even acknowledging God or asking God for blessing. It was simply an acknowledgement that potential is God-given! And that sent this convention into a tizzy, and there is no speech that can recover from the pictures and the sounds of that convention when they tried to get God back in. They also booed recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and it is the capital. It’s where the Knesset meets. So the delegates were very hostile to Israel. The Republican Party is clearly the pro-Israel party now, without question.

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