RUSH: Ditka Won’t Be Working For ESPN For Long After He Unloads On Liberals Over Redskins

RUSH:  Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, I happened to pass along to you the information that Phil Simms (who used to be conservative) and Tony Dungy have decided they are not going to use the word “Redskins” during NFL telecasts this fall.  Tony Dungy is gonna call ’em the Washington whatever, and Simms… Well, they’re just not gonna do it. They’re just gonna call ’em “Washington” during the whole game. 

Well, the Hall of Fame has a very outspoken member by the name of Mike Ditka who still works at ESPN but probably not for long.  Ditka was interviewed (let’s see here) on the website by Mike Richmond.  And during a discussion about this “need” to change the name of the Redskins, Mike Ditka unloaded.

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