RUSH: Did The Worldwide Left Mistranslate Pope Francis On Capitalism?

RUSH: I am receiving e-mails from people who are telling me that the pope, his economic writing, has been mistranslated.  Now, my first reaction was, “Come on, this document is too big and massive for it to be mistranslated.”  But then I caught myself, and this is exactly what the left does.  If they had a chance to take somebody as influential and revered and beloved as the pope and put their words in his mouth, they would do it in a minute. 

So now I’m gonna have to track this down, because I have to tell you, what has been attributed to the pope here doesn’t make sense, with 50 years of the Catholic Church.  It doesn’t jibe.  But it sounds exactly like what your average, run-of-the-mill leftist would say each and every day:  unfettered capitalism, trickle-down doesn’t work.  I don’t know this pope, but I don’t know that the bishop of Rome speaks in terms of trickle-down.  One of the things they’re saying is that the pope didn’t say “trickle-down,” that the correct translation would be “spillover.”  He didn’t say “trickle-down.”  So there are people that are telling me, “Hey, Rush, the pope was mistranslated,” and my first reaction, “Come on, now.” 

But then I had to catch myself.  They are — by “they,” I mean the worldwide left — they are entirely capable of this, and they wouldn’t hesitate to do it, if they thought they could get away with it.  Hell, they wouldn’t hesitate to do it even if they do get caught doing it because they know that the original phony translation they put out will be the one that survives.  The truth takes a long time to catch up when the lie gets out of the gates first.  So I can’t sit here and summarily reject the claim that the pope has been mistranslated.  I know it sounds inconceivable. (interruption) The pope?  He said something about homosexuals and later they said he was mistranslated?  His original statement, he appeared to condone homosexuality, and then somebody said he was mistranslated.  Well, there seems to be a pattern here, then, of the pope being mistranslated.

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