RUSH: Despite Montana Election, Democrats Will NEVER Abandon Early Voting

RUSH: Now, let me ask you a question. In this election, 70% of the people that voted did so before yesterday. That means that 70% of the people who voted, voted before the studly and manly Gianforte treated the reporter like a dishrag. And so the media is lamenting that.

The media is trying to salve themselves by saying, had this election been totally on election day, there’s no question that Gianforte would have been sent packing. And they’re doing stories about how so many people were asking if they could change their vote. This is so bad. What they didn’t probably understand is that many of the people wanting to change their vote had voted for the Democrat and wanted to now vote for Gianforte after the event yesterday, but the media will not consider that.

Let me ask you this. Will they change their attitudes on early voting now? The media and the Democrats believe that had there not been early voting, the Democrats would have won this race. So will they rethink their position on early voting and say, “You know what? We need to eliminate early voting.” I’ll tell you why they ought to seriously think about it. The Democrats, do they not routinely strategize with things like October Surprises? They routinely plant bombshells out there, like the Trump NBC tape. And they plan these things to happen within the last, say, week or two weeks before the election, sometimes at the outside, three weeks. But if people have already voted by then, then the October Surprise is going to have much, much less impact.

And if the October Surprise is a massively important part of your campaign, what’s the point of doing it if a majority of people have already voted and will not be affected by it? So the alternative is to get rid of early voting if you’re gonna really pin your hopes on October type surprises or you execute the October Surprise earlier, before the early voting begins. What do you think they’ll do? I had a couple people last night tell me that they thought the Democrats would now get rid of early voting since it shafted them here.

And I said, “You are crazy. They are never going to abandon early voting. No way. It isn’t gonna happen. If anything, they’re gonna expand it.” This election notwithstanding. They said, “Why?” What do you think early voting is for? Early voting is the greatest opportunity for fraud, phony registrations, massive registrations, massive bus trips to the place that you early vote. It’s a godsend. It’s a golden opportunity to cheat! And it allows you, as the mastermind of early voting, to generate the kind of votes that you want.

Who wants to wait ’til Election Day and take a chance? I mean, the left in this country doesn’t trust voters already. They don’t trust democracy. The left gets screwed too much by democracy. Democracy meaning people having freedom. So they don’t want that. They want to limit freedom. They want to limit people’s choices or they want to rig all of that to the greatest degree they can. And early voting, in their minds, affords them the greatest opportunity.

And I don’t think they’re ever gonna back off of that or walk it back despite this election in Montana. ‘Cause what they’re telling themselves is, “Well, this really doesn’t matter. You know it’s just one seat, and where’s Montana anyway? We’ve never been hurt by whoever represents Montana. We’ve never even known who represents Montana. Screw Montana.” That’s what they’re saying. “Why should we change everything we’re doing because of Montana? Montana, who even goes there besides Ted Turner. Why should we care?” That’s what we’re gonna come back to. Oh, yeah, Ted Turner has a bunch of buffalo ranches up there. Ted Turner owns half of Montana. I don’t know if it’s that much, but quite a bit.


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