RUSH: Dems Will Blame ‘Evil Republicans’ For Killing Hostess Twinkies

RUSH: See, you and I, we sit here, we hear that, we say nobody is gonna believe that, until we stop and realize that over half the country already thinks it.  They don’t have to even explain that it’s evil Republicans that ran the place out of business because evil Republicans are already known to run big business, and Republicans are already known to hate employees, and Republicans are already known to just steal as much money out of the company as they can and then close up shop and put the money in the Cayman Islands.  So Trumka didn’t have to even tell his voters, they already know. He was just confirming it for ’em.  Al-Qaeda’s alive, Twinkies are dead.  But Osama was killed by Obama, and Hostess was killed by the Republicans.

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Limbaugh: White House Starts Petition To Nationalize Twinkies


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