RUSH: Democrats Need Poor People So Badly, They Must Import Them

RUSH: The Democrats need poor people.  The Democrats need a never ending inflow of poor people.  And they need those people to stay poor as long as they can.  They need poor people depending on Democrats.  They need poor people in the welfare state rolls.  They need poor people looking at government as Santa Claus.  And just because we grant amnesty does not mean, as far as they’re concerned, that that shuts off immigration.  No.  We’re just gonna deal with these 11 million and we’re gonna start all over again.  We’re gonna have millions more in another 20 years, have to do it all over again.  That’s what their agenda is and this pretty much shines the light on that. 

Democrats need poor people so badly they have to import them.  The Democrats must keep people in the dark about the source of prosperity.  The Democrats must make sure that people do not learn where real prosperity comes from.  As far as the Democrats are concerned, you need a never-ending flow of poor people who think that government is the source of prosperity, that government is the source of life.  And as people in America grow and perhaps, maybe in time, fall out of that arrangement, the Democrats need replacements.  The Democrats need poor people so badly, they have to import them.

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