RUSH: Democrats Might Have Lost The Election But They’re Stopping The Winners Dead In Their Tracks

RUSH: Okay, now, Donald Trump has to deal with watching his son be destroyed. How do you think it affects him? It is said that he is frustrated and angry. Do you understand that? I would be. I would be so livid over all of this. I would be livid that nobody has been able to come up with a response to kill this stuff off.

Trump himself has tried. He has tweeted, he has mocked, he has done everything he can. He’s not losing his support base. But all of this… You know what the primary impact of all this is? It’s providing an excuse for the rest of Washington to do nothing on health care, on tax cuts. All of this is allowing Republicans to say, “Maybe we should sit tight here. We don’t even know if Trump’s gonna be around in another six weeks. We don’t know if Trump’s gonna be around in a year. We don’t know if Trump’s gonna survive the midterms.

“So we might want to just sit tight here and wait, ’cause it might be President Pence that we have to deal with. Let’s wait and see what he does.” All of this. And is that not actually very important to the left, to put the total stop — the brakes — on the Trump agenda and to make sure that his election means nothing? No repeal of Obamacare, no building of the wall, no tax cuts. They might have lost the election, but they are sure having a much easier time than most losers have at stopping the winners dead in their tracks. That’s the primary benefit of all of this, if you ask me.

The Republicans don’t seem eager to advance the Trump agenda. The Republicans are sitting around — and not just the Republicans. Some so-called conservative anti-Trumpers in Washington are also the same attitude. “You know, we gotta be very careful. We shouldn’t go full bore the Trump agenda. He may not survive this, Rush! He may not! You know, we don’t want to get a bunch of stuff in there that the next president is not gonna like or approve of,” like President Pence or whatever.

Aside from the personal, the human impact on Trump and all of his family and these people being charged and alleged the way they have with this absolute character destruction. This is what the left does. They destroy. They can’t beat. They destroy. They destroy character, destroy careers, destroy lives if they have to. And this whole pursuit of nothing, this pursuit that has no evidence and therefore no justification for the pursuit is effectively roadblocking the Trump agenda. He’s doing all he can do with executive orders and executive action.

But things that need legislation? There’s a dead stop. Including… He’s made some tremendous judicial, but they’re sitting there with no action being taken on them. Still, a record number of Trump appointees have not even begun their confirmation hearings yet. And this Russia? This phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time, rock ‘n’ roll Russian collusion story is the primary roadblock. It’s giving everybody who hates Trump or doesn’t want him to succeed to stand put and do nothing to advance his agenda. Even fellow Republicans.


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