RUSH: Democrats, Media Waging PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE On Trump And His Supporters

RUSH:  Okay, look.  I don’t want anybody to be confused here by things I’m saying. I’ve not changed my attitude or mind on anything.  I’m just phrasing questions here based on how the media wants us to think.  So there’s nobody confused, let me tell you what I think is going on, and then you go ahead and answer my questions as I have asked.

Trump is hemorrhaging support, is the narrative of this week.  It is because this is the last debate and this narrative sets up, is supposed to set up the theme or a couple of themes for the debate tonight.  So I think all of this, or much of it, is what I would call psychological warfare and that the Democrat Party and its allies, the media and everybody, are waging psychological warfare on Trump and his supporters.  It is carefully coordinated — White House, media, all of the scheming, this incestuous liberal network that’s being exposed in this WikiLeaks dump.  It’s incredible!  It’s all there for people if they would just accept it, it’s all there. Everything that we are up against and have been for years is out there.  It’s being paraded right before our eyes.

Let’s look at the things that have handed here.  The release of Trump and that three-page tax report where he took a near billion-dollar loss.  Then next came Alicia Machado, the Miss Universe. Then came the hot mic tape from Access Hollywood. And now there’s a tsunami of supposed groped women out there.  These having coordinated and released at specific times in this campaign designed to suppress Trump’s support, to weaken Trump’s own resolve.  Each of these dropped at precisely planned campaign moments, many of them around or near debates in order to create lead-ins for the moderators.


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