RUSH: Democrats Have A Much Greater Branding Problem Than United Airlines And Pepsi

RUSH: The Democrats are being told that the next great Clinton conquest will come from Chelsea Clinton, and they’re laughing privately about that. Hillary’s loss was so bad that do you know who the most popular Democrat in the country is right now? Bernie Sanders. And he’s not even a Democrat. He’s an independent. How old is he, 84? How old is Bernie Sanders? Is he in his 70’s still? Well, okay. I thought he had crossed the threshold of 80. It doesn’t matter. At the moment, there’s nobody the Democrats can turn to. Seventy-five. He looks 80.

Hillary’s loss was so bad, the Democrat Party national committee has put — well, I think that’s enough. United and Pepsi think they’ve got brand problems. I’m telling you, the Democrats have a much greater branding problem right now than even United Airlines. Because at least United is still flying. And Pepsi is still pouring.


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