RUSH: Democrats Don’t Want Any Part Of Hillary Or Bill Clinton Anywhere Near The White House Again

CALLER:  I’ve been thinking of a very truthful and simple method of answering a question that any Republican might be asked about whether they support impeachment of President Obama, and I believe it’s also one that most Democrats — certainly I would say one in particular — could be in favor of, and that would be President Joe Biden.  He always me of Dan Rowan and I don’t even think that the Democrats want him, otherwise he would be the presumptive nominee for president rather than Hillary.

RUSH:  See, don’t go making rash assumptions.  I think… I don’t know, but to make a blanket assumption the Democrats don’t want Biden, I think, is to fall prey to the conventional wisdom that everybody wants Hillary.  I am here to tell you that there are a lot of Democrats that don’t want any part of Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton anywhere near the White House again.

Now, you wouldn’t know that by accessing the Drive-By Media, but they are not universal loved.  Consequently — or not consequently. Alternatively, there are a lot of Democrats who think that Joe Biden has been a pretty damn good loyal guy to Obama. Even though Biden kind of stepped in it on gay marriage and forced their hand, and even though he’s a walking gaffe machine.

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