RUSH: Democrats Don’t Care About This Ossoff Guy; He’s A PAWN

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RUSH: The Democrats don’t care about this Ossoff guy. They don’t care but what he is, they don’t care about what he’s gonna do, because they know he’s gonna be a Democrat leadership robot. They don’t care about him personally. It doesn’t matter a hill of beans. All this guy represents is a chance for the news headlines already written to be published tomorrow. That’s it. They don’t care personally about this guy. I mean, they’ll make it look like they do, but that’s not why they’re behind this guy. That’s not what Samuel L. Jackson and all these other people are.

This one race is about creating a soap opera script or news narrative that will allow the media to say that Donald Trump’s presidency is essentially over. In such a solid Republican district, that a Democrat could come in and win a special election means the country has soured on Trump, and what that will be said to mean is, “The country now realizes it’s made a mistake. The country realized it made a huge mistake, and what the voters in Georgia were saying for all of America is, ‘Stop Trump. Prevent any more of Trump’s agenda from being implemented.’” That’s what this election with the Democrat winning it today and in the count tonight, that’s what they are hoping to be able to write.


RUSH: Look, he’s running for office. We all know he’s a pawn. We all know what’s invested in the guy. We all know what the Democrats are gonna use him for. And he does too. He had willingly accepted the assignment. I don’t think this guy’s being fooled. I don’t think that they’ve made him believe he’s gonna be the next House speaker in five or 10 years.

He knows exactly what he’s doing. Look at his slogan. They’re running ads for the guy, they never even mention his name. Samuel L. Jackson’s radio ad said vote for the Democrat Party, not even vote for this guy. This guy’s campaign slogan is “Make Trump Furious.” This guy’s just waiting for his wife to graduate med school and then they’re off and running. He’s pretty much admitted it. And to each his own. Do not mistake any of that for any criticism. I’m just engaging in observation and analysis here. You’re of course right. The guy is a pawn. He simply serves as a placeholder, if he can win.

Believe me, he isn’t gonna get any credit. I mean, he’ll go out there and he’ll take the stage and he’ll do the acceptance speech and he’ll thank all the people, but he’s not gonna be treated as a conquering hero. The Democrat Party will be presented as coming back. The Democrat Party will be represented as taking the reins of power again. So he’s I’m sure fully aware of how he is been recruited and what his purpose here is. And he knows full well that if he can come through as they have set forth at the Democrat leadership, that whatever they are, good things will happen to the guy.


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