RUSH: Democrats Are Liberating You From Having To Work

RUSH: Obamacare is forcing people out of work.  So the Democrats are moving in and trying to claim that this is a choice they have now given people.  “You think you’re being forced out, but actually this is what we planned all along ’cause we love you.  We want you to have your health care, and we want you to not have to work for it — and, voila We’ve done it!” When in truth, real-life circumstances are forcing people to do whatever they can to get a subsidized policy because that’s all they can afford. 

Remember, all of this is mandated by law. At some point whenever this damn thing gets implemented, everybody’s gonna have to have an insurance plan, an insurance policy.  It’s the law, and most people can’t afford it.  The mainstream media never mentions that the only choice that these poor people are facing is either, one, lower their income by way of lowering their hours, or lose their subsidy.  Those are the choices.

Those are the choices the Democrat Party has offered them, not this liberating from the choice of having to work nonsense.  No.  The wonderful choice that now we’re supposed to be celebrating is one of two things.  Either lower your income and qualify for a subsidy, or lose the subsidy.  That’s the choice people have.  Because they can’t afford it, otherwise, folks. Did you notice how the Drive-Bys tried to turn this around for the Democrats? 

Every single outlet, every one of rushed out a “fact check” on the CBO report, and every one of them made the same claim. They said that the CBO wasn’t talking about jobs. “When they said that 2.5 million people would leave the workforce, that didn’t mean there would be 2.5 million fewer jobs. No, no!” That’s what they all, in unison, said.  But that was never the point.  The real point is the CBO said that people would cut back on their hours to the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs in order to lower their income so that they could keep getting their Obamacare subsidies. 

The fact checks never even tried to dispute that.  This has all been an effort here to confuse everybody and take what was just a horrible report about 2.5 million people losing their jobs, or reducing their hours in order to qualify for subsidies.  That’s what the CBO said.  That had to be turned around.  That is devastating.  That’s another nail in the coffin of the Democrat Party.  That had to be turned around, and that’s how they’re doing it.  “Oh, we’re liberating you from having to work!”

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