RUSH: Democrats Are Getting Rid Of People Who Are Going To Be Replaced By Like-Minded Leftists

RUSH: Now, the observation has been made to me that, “Rush, be very, very careful here, because what the Democrats are doing is very shrewd. Yes, you are correct. They are excommunicating the sexual harassers in their midst. But they are getting rid of people whose replacements are guaranteed to be liberal Democrats. So they are not losing strength. They are not getting rid of people who are gonna be replaced by Republicans.” And, yeah, that’s true. We’ve noted this. Al Franken.

That’s why these people don’t mean anything to them personally. They don’t care about Al Franken. I don’t think Franken knows this yet. Maybe he’s figured it out. And all the others that they are waving good-bye to. They’re moving ’em out of there. They’re showing no loyalty no matter what they’ve done. No matter how much money they’ve raised, no matter how they’ve voted, doesn’t matter, they’re gone if there’s a taint of sexual harassment. But they’re only getting rid of people who are going to be replaced by fellow like-minded leftists.

But once you start excommunicating people, you can’t start making exceptions, and who knows where this is gonna end? I’m talking about from their standpoint. It’s clear what they’re doing. They are attempting to claim the moral high ground on the treatment of women, and they’re getting rid of their bad actors in a very public and very almost matter-of-fact, mean way. They’re not tolerant. They’re not being compassionate. These harassers are bad actors and they’re gone, all so as to be able to get rid of Trump via impeachment by taking back the House in 2018. That’s the endgame here.


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