RUSH: Democrats Are Desperate To Find Somebody To Replace Hillary

RUSH: This is F. Chuck Todd. Grab number six. This is the Today Show today. Savannah Guthrie says to Chuck, “My husband,” who happens to be a Democrat consultant. She didn’t say that; I’m telling you. Savannah Guthrie said, “My husband,” who’s a very, very popular Democrat consultant “worked for Vice President Gore in the past. How real do you think the speculation is” that Gore might actually get into the race? “Do you think Gore is really considering getting in?”

TODD: It’s hard to believe that Algore himself is considering. If you look at where the Democratic Party is, you do have some people that would like to see Hillary Clinton more challenged, to make sure that, at a minimum, all of this baggage gets litigated in the primaries a little bit and she can get it behind her if she gets the nomination. Or, worst-case scenario, it doesn’t get it behind her, but they find somebody else. Not Bernie Sanders, who some people don’t think is electable, but somebody. Maybe it’s a Gore, maybe it’s a Biden, maybe it’s somebody else.

RUSH: Okay, so F. Chuck is… They don’t have a bench, folks. They do not have a bench behind her, and that’s why this speculation of Gore and Biden and the other people. F. Chuck is basically saying the Democrats are desperate to find somebody to replace her, and there is not anybody. So they want to get this scandal stuff either out of the way now so it doesn’t hurt her if she’s elected and prosecute it now and find out, if it is gonna hurt her let it happen now so we can find a replacement. I’m just telling you there isn’t this 1,000%, “We love Hillary support! We’ve gotta get her elected in the Democrat Party.” It’s not there.

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