RUSH: Democrats And The Media Are ‘Nine Days Away From ABSOLUTE PURGATORY’

RUSH: I don’t know that I’ve accurately described this, how dangerously delusional, close to on the brink of sanity the establishment of Washington is, primarily the Democrats and the media.  I mean, you talk about repudiation? The media, in their minds, they’re the ones that run the establishment!

They determine who succeeds and who doesn’t.  They’re able to destroy anyone they want with one story, with one raised eyebrow on the evening news.  They’re used to being able to destroy anybody, and they haven’t needed evidence. They just need the charge, just an allegation, just innuendo.  And they’ve thrown everything they have at Trump throughout the campaign.  They’ve had assistance from that Inside Hollywood Access video or whatever it was, all those different elements.

Every different thing that was supposed to destroy Trump and would have destroyed any other Republican, Trump not only survives, he actually grows more powerful after surviving each one of these attacks.  And they’re beside themselves.  They are now, in their minds, in their world, they are a week away, seven days, eight days, whatever, away — well, nine — from losing everything.  They’re nine, 10 days away from absolute Purgatory.  Their world is upside down.  Every tactic and technique at their disposal to protect themselves, to destroy their enemies, is ineffective.  They think they’ve got nuclear weapons.

They got cherry bombs that don’t even fire.  They can’t deal with it.  Trump and his team know this.  They know it better than I do, and I’m just reminding you again of the circumstances to explain why all this is happening.


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