RUSH: Democrat Party Is The Largest HATE Group In America Today

RUSH: Now, the Democrats, as is patently obvious, are inspired, and they are motivated, and they are energized by one thing, and that is hate.

The Democrat Party is the largest hate group in America today. Their hate spans many boundaries. They have a literal hate for parts of the Constitution. Some of them hate the whole thing and resent that it exists. Many liberal Democrats hate the rule of law. Many of them hate the flag and love demonstrating that hate. They obviously hate people of faith. The Democrats think they can win elections by mocking prayer. The Democrats think they can win election and grow their party and their movement by making fun of prayer and God and religion if it happens to be Christianity.

And not just that. Democrats, leftists today, inspired by their hate, also despise and resent what you and I call traditional American values. And so it follows that they would loathe Donald Trump. Donald Trump not only represents all these things that they hate. He loudly promotes them. He vocalizes them. He is unabashedly proud of his country and its potential greatness and what he believes. And that alone is enough to inspire their hate. Then you throw in the fact that they hate his personality. They hate the way he looks. They hate the way he talks. They hate the way they think he treats people.

You add all that in addition to the hatred they have for what he stands for, and you have an unhinged, irrational hate that is nearly impossible to deal with it. They loathe Donald Trump. The man who is dragging the economy up from the basement to the first floor is hated and despised. If the Republican… It’s time to start learning some lessons here. It’s time to maybe try to extricate themselves from their own feelings of resentment, hate, what have you.

The Republicans had better understand that to win elections, they’re going to have to get in sync with voters who are not leftists. The Republicans had better figure out real quick that they don’t win and can’t win by reaching out to these people that make up the largest hate group in America. The Republicans are never gonna get votes from people even if they stand for amnesty. Even if they agree with Antifa on issue after issue, Antifa is never gonna vote Republican.

The Republicans, likewise, are never, ever going to get the media to like them or to respect them or to treat them fairly no matter what they do, short of changing parties. That’s pretty much what they would have to do — and then they’d have to prove it was real for a number of years afterward.


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