RUSH: Democrat Party Is “PARTY OF THE RICH”

RUSH: Hillary Clinton, the Democrats campaign as though they represent the little guy, the downtrodden, the middle class, lower middle class, but they’ve forgotten them.  White working-class voters have been totally thrown overboard by the Democrat Party.  That’s who Hillary Clinton calls deplorables, undesirables, and other negative terms.  The people that used to vote Democrat loyally — non-college educated, white working-class people — have abandoned them.  Well, actually Democrats have abandoned them.

The Democrat Party’s now the party of the rich.  The Democrat Party is the party that wealth supports, from Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, George Soros, to everybody in Hollywood, everybody in Silicon Valley, to everybody on Wall Street.  They are the party of the rich.  It’s those people that paid Hillary Clinton $20 million over two years to deliver speeches.  Stop and think of that.  Hillary did a number of speeches at anywhere from 250,000 to $350,000 for 20- or 30-minute speeches and she did enough of them over a two-year period to be paid $21 million.

Those are the people donating to her foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, to her campaign. These are the people around the world that are buying influence by donating to Hillary.  That’s the group of people that the undesirables and the deplorables look at and say, “We can’t beat them.  We’re never gonna vote them out of power.”  So they don’t vote.  They don’t register.  They grumble, but they try to live their lives as untouched and as unaffected by what happens in Washington and New York as they can.


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