RUSH: Democrat Agenda Is “We’re Not Donald Trump”

RUSH: Now, I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the special election. I can only give you some idea what’s gonna be said if the Democrat wins, and it isn’t gonna mean anything if the Democrat wins it because there are so many Republicans divvying up the vote. But the media’s gonna have their story, and it is going to be, oh, my friends, it’s almost gonna be as big as if Hillary had won the presidency. Not quite, not quite. But if this guy Ossoff wins the seat, Tom Price’s seat, you better brace yourself for how the media is gonna cover it and what they’re gonna say it means.

But even if he wins it, it’s not gonna be because people are voting for the Democrat. It isn’t gonna be because people prefer Democrats to Trump, because this guy doesn’t have an agenda that he’s announced. The Democrat agenda is we’re not Donald Trump. And, again, it’s based on their belief that people are embarrassed of and opposed to and now tired of Donald Trump. And that’s how the media will portray any Democrat election victory from here ’til 2018 and the midterms.


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