RUSH: Deck Is Stacked Against Bernie Sanders… He Doesn’t Have A Prayer!

RUSH:  What I have to say about that is that the deck is stacked against Bernie. It has been from day one.  He was never going to win the nomination.  He was in this to provide a foil for Mrs. Clinton, to make it look like she had some opposition and to present the illusion that she’s a tough fighter, that she can overcome opposition, that she’s not being coronated.  The whole thing’s an illusion, and the proof of it is that Bernie is winning state after state after state and accruing hardly any delegates.

If this were happening on the Republican side — I mean, Trump’s winning and he’s getting a vast majority of delegates and they still think the game is rigged on the Trump side — can you imagine if Trump had decided is to run as a Democrat, and was doing the same thing to Hillary that Crazy Bernie is, and she was getting the delegates?  Whoa.  That’d be worth the price of admission.


RUSH:  Look, I know that that Crazy Bernie, he’s only 290, 300 delegates behind Hillary. But that’s 290 or 300 delegates, and I don’t know that the superdelegates are even being counted yet. So he doesn’t have a prayer, folks. If things stay as they are, he doesn’t have a prayer. He never has had one.

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