RUSH: David Gregory Fired Because He Became Too Supportive Of Israel

RUSH: I read over the weekend, speaking of Gregory, the real reason he got fired.  You know what it is, folks?  He turned on Hamas.  He became just too supportive of Israel, and this upset a lot of people in the executive suite at NBC.  But I read this.  I wish I could remember where I read it. 

It was on some blog, and it was a learned analyst, and his theory here that that Gregory in recent weeks had become very, very, very, very supportive of Israel, and that that’s why he was let go.  Snerdley thinks it was me pointing out that he had no ratings, and it was okay that he had no ratings (chuckles) until I mentioned it and they had to deal with it.  That’s right?  That’s pretty much what you think?

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