RUSH: DANGER SIGNS In VA Election Results

RUSH: Okay. So the Virginia gubernatorial election and the — well, it was widespread, more than just the governor on the ballot last night, same with New Jersey. Now, I’m not gonna sit here and deny that there are danger signs from these results last night. A lot of people are in denial today. “Hey, it’s a blue state. I mean, after all, these people were supposed to win the state.” Yeah. And half the swamp lives there, Republicans and Democrats. And, yeah, The Punk, Terry McAuliffe, has a major Democrat machine, if you get my drift.

I mean, there’s a lot of people that vote in Virginia that might not be able to vote in other states. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All that’s true. But there still is an undeniable truth, and that is that a Republican lost a gubernatorial election that I think could have been won. Now, a lot of people think it couldn’t have been precisely because of the circumstances that I just spelled out.

But as usual, the Democrats are overreacting to this and claiming that now everything’s back to normal and this portends the Republicans losing everything in 2018 and in 2020 and the Democrats getting everything back. The nation had its temper tantrum but has awakened now and properly hate Trump.

They’re going through all of the predictable overreactions here which we’ll get into in great detail as we dissect this. I don’t think it’s definitive one way or the other. Meaning, I don’t think you can take one lesson from this and apply it nationwide to other elections for Congress or the Senate or governors.

The polling data surrounding all this suggests that both parties remain profoundly unpopular. These are elections the Democrats — like the mayoralty of New York. There’s no way Democrats are going to lose that. There’s no way the Democrats are gonna lose New Jersey after — he-he — several botched opportunities to fix New Jersey.

You got two blue states here who stayed blue. But in order to, quote, unquote, fix the country, some of these blue states are gonna have to turn red like they did in the Trump presidential election. I mean, if we’re talking about changing the direction of the country for the better, some of these places are places we’re gonna have to win.

Now, in Virginia the fact of the matter remains that many Republicans are happy at this result. I didn’t catch the name. There’s a Republican member of Congress from Virginia just on TV, and he was thrilled. He was happy. He loved pointing out that this was a referendum on Trump. That was a Republican representative from Virginia. That it wasn’t about these issues that everybody thinks it was about. It was about Trump, it was about this or about that. So you have several establishment Republicans very happy with this result.


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